doily string lights

i just love christmas lights. and doilies aren’t just for your grandma anymore.┬áthat’s the moral of this story.

doily string lights | cogs & cupcakeswhen i say i love lights, i mean LOVE. i really shouldn’t call them christmas lights considering i have them in various places around the house and yard…year round. they give off such a good, soft light. it makes things feel fancier. we have round bulb lights around the window in our living room and i call them the “broadway lights;” they really do make me feel like i’m on broadway.

doily string lights | cogs & cupcakes

so instead of having the same old boring lights up all year long, i thought i’d spruce ‘em up for valentine’s day. because you KNOW i love valentine’s day. this is a minimal-work project, friends. and it has a huge impact. i’m so so serious. if you don’t have a string of lights up somewhere in your house, put one up right now. plug it in tonight and you’ll know what i’m talking about. i’m going to start sounding like a crazy lady if i keep going here.

doily string lights | cogs & cupcakes

i think these would be gorgeous at a wedding or engagement party, too. i have so many fantastic ideas for the next time i get married. which will be never, by the way. but still…i have a lot of it planned out, courtesy of pinterest.

do you have any creative places you put string lights? do you know the magic i’m talking about when you plug them in at night? tell me i’m not alone!

doily string lights | cogs & cupcakes

doily string lights

what you’ll need:

doily string lights | cogs & cupcakes

a set of string lights
doilies* – found at just about any craft store around valentine’s day, otherwise online
extension cord (if you need it to reach an outlet)

*i used a package of (24) 4 inch hearts and a package of (18) 6 inch hearts

hang the lights. fold the string of lights in half so you have a double strand of lights. hang the looped end on one nail and the end with the plugs on another nail.

attach the doilies. for the bigger hearts, i simply pushed a light through the doily. most of the smaller ones are taped on. it was easier to get a little dimension (some back further, some forward further) this way.

plug those babies in. attach the extension cord if you need it. plug in. bam– romantic mood lighting,with flair.


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