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roasted red pepper linguini

easy roasted red pepper linguine | cogs and cupcakes

i really like quick and easy dinners. i don’t even work in the winter and i still like them. i need that extra time to eat chocolate chips out of the bag and rewatch episodes of weeds on netflix. not at the same time, of course. so, you obviously see why quick is good. if […]

roasted veggie salad with walnut oil dressing

roasted veggie salad with walnut oil dressing |

Salads are not my favorite. Not even close. I have a best friend that craves salad. Like, eats it a million times a week. How are we even friends? I need carbs carbs carbs. Pasta, sandwiches and ┬áthe bakery are what my heart needs to feel satisfied. It should probably be my stomach that’s satisfied, […]

southwest sweet potato fritters

southwest sweet potato fritters

Okay, let’s be a little boring and get some business out of the way first. I finally created a Facebook page for cogs and cupcakes! Woohoo! Wait. That wasn’t boring. I’d would really love it if you “liked” my page. Then you’ll always know when I post something super delicious. Mwahaha. Next up: southwest sweet […]

quinoa chili

quinoa chili

All this cold weather can only mean one thing. We’re having chili for dinner. I saw a recipe for quinoa chili on twitter a few weeks ago and couldn’t stop thinking about it. Quinoa? In chili? Sounds like an unpleasant texture. And yet. It’s not at all. I loved it. The best part? Super healthy. […]

split pea soup with ham hocks

Split Pea Soup

I’ve come to realization that, for me, baking is a dangerous hobby. I suddenly behave like the Hulk when I spot something with an insanely high sugar content, throwing people out of my way and breaking limbs off anyone trying to stop me from eating inhaling a whole pan of brownies. Mainly my husband. Really, […]

southwestern stuffed peppers

Southwest Leftovers

Kyle made a fire in our backyard last weekend to make s’mores. I can’t say it was romantic or anything, but fun nonetheless! Until Penny started throwing up from Kyle giving her too many s’mores. (They were chocolate-less s’mores. Were they really worth it, Penny? CHOCOLATE-LESS? Not likely.) Anywho, listen up if you like mexican […]

HAPPY EARTH DAY! and black bean soup.

farm fresh eggs

What did you do for Earth Day? I definitely thought about Mother Earth a little more. It was easy on this beautiful day, running along the lake with dozens of other Manitowocians and doing yardwork with Kyle. Here’s my earth day shout-out to farm fresh eggs. If you eat store-bought eggs, shame on you. I’ll […]