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ugly monster cookies

ugly (but oh-so-amazing) monster cookies from cogs & cupcakes

i’m listening to my “laid back beach music” pandora station this morning. how rebellious of me, for there’s an inch of fresh snow on the ground outside reminding me that i’m in wisconsin–where march can still mean winter. WHAT THE WHAT. that’s okay, it’ll be gone before we know it, right? right. okay, now that […]

white chocolate chip snickerdoodles

white chocolate chips snickerdoodles | cogs & cupcakes

i’ve been keeping something from you. i’ve had the recipe for these delicious cookies sitting on my desk for weeks, just waiting to be shared with the world. and i ignored it. i’ve been a little preoccupied lately with the remodeling of our bathroom. like, everything is outta here– except the wonderful enamel tub that […]

heart-shaped cookie dough truffles

heart-shaped cookie dough truffles | cogs & cupcakes

it’s finally february. we can legally talk about valentine’s day. yes– heart-shaped treats and crafts have been flooding your pinterest feed for weeks, but did it feel right? i’m glad we can openly discuss it now, because i LOVE LOVE LOVE valentine’s day. glitter? hearts? chocolate? pretty much my favorite things (maybe or maybe not […]

peanut butter swirl KIND granola bread

peanut butter swirl KIND granola bread | cogs and cupcakes

in honor of national peanut butter day, i bring you this crazy-good bread. you don’t even need to waste time putting anything on this. just eat it naked. it’s like a pastry with little crunchy bits of peanut buttery granola goodness speaking of granola. this stuff is my new favoritest granola ever. KIND Peanut Butter […]

roasted red pepper linguini

easy roasted red pepper linguine | cogs and cupcakes

i really like quick and easy dinners. i don’t even work in the winter and i still like them. i need that extra time to eat chocolate chips out of the bag and rewatch episodes of weeds on netflix. not at the same time, of course. so, you obviously see why quick is good. if […]

roasted veggie salad with walnut oil dressing

roasted veggie salad with walnut oil dressing |

Salads are not my favorite. Not even close. I have a best friend that craves salad. Like, eats it a million times a week. How are we even friends? I need carbs carbs carbs. Pasta, sandwiches and ┬áthe bakery are what my heart needs to feel satisfied. It should probably be my stomach that’s satisfied, […]

salted caramel brownies

salted caramel brownies |

Gooey gooey brownies. That’s my favorite kind. These are made extra gooey by loading them with the salted hazelnut liquor caramels I shared with you last week. Did you make them yet? Pleeeease say yes. And then say you some left over to make these. Doubtful. Those babies are addicting. Unfortunately, none of these made […]

mini strawberry trifle with french yogurt cake

mini strawberry trifle with yogurt cake |

It feels like spring, smells like spring, and I finally got to wear my new spring jacket. Does that mean it’s spring? I don’t want to jinx it, but I’m sharing a dessert that will make it feel springy even without the nice weather. So whatever, Mother Nature. Do what you want. (But please not […]

salted hazelnut liquor caramels

salted hazelnut liquor caramels |

Last week, I baked. And baked and baked and baked. Seriously. Kyle was out of town for work so I had NO structure in my day. Brownies for breakfastlunchpredinnersnack? Sure! Then force down a healthy dinner even though I’m not at all hungry to make up for it? Smart! Or not. I’m not sure. I […]

whole grain oatmeal m&m cookies

whole grain oatmeal m&m cookies |

My mom recently texted me saying I need talk about stuff she’d actually want to make. Thanks mom. I knew what she meant, though. Since we kinda think alike (sugar, chocolate, gooeyness, more sugar), I wasn’t offended because I’d been sharing more real food than sweets and treats. Sorry mom, but these aren’t as junk-food […]

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