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peanut butter swirl KIND granola bread

peanut butter swirl KIND granola bread | cogs and cupcakes

in honor of national peanut butter day, i bring you this crazy-good bread. you don’t even need to waste time putting anything on this. just eat it naked. it’s like a pastry with little crunchy bits of peanut buttery granola goodness speaking of granola. this stuff is my new favoritest granola ever. KIND Peanut Butter […]

feta and roasted pepper scones.

feta and roasted pepper biscuits

Or biscuits. Is there a difference? Do you eat one for breakfast and one for dinner? Who knows. Who cares. Their delicious buttery, flakey attitude about life masks my curiosities. I needed something new to accompany the 10 gallons of chili left in our fridge. No more plain old bread or corn bread. That’s boring […]

no-knead crusty bread.


Let’s be honest. Who the heck makes their own bread anymore? Well, now I do. And you do too, soon. This stuff is SO easy to make and it’s WAY good. I hated making bread at home; I would get so stressed out about the dough rising. Yeah, stressed. Like it’s the end of the […]