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doily string lights

doily string lights | cogs & cupcakes

i just love christmas lights. and doilies aren’t just for your grandma anymore.¬†that’s the moral of this story. when i say i love lights, i mean LOVE. i really shouldn’t call them christmas lights considering i have them in various places around the house and yard…year round. they give off such a good, soft light. […]

DIY batik dishtowels

DIY batik dishtowel | cogs & cupcakes

we finally cleaned our basement. does anyone else have a basement that acts as “the pit?” where things go to get out of your sight? only one day you walk down there and trip over 173 things on your way to the washing machine? it was time to take action. good thing i did, because […]

DIY pendant light

DIY pendant light | cogs and cupcakes

i got sucked into the pendant light trend. but they sure are priiiiicey if you don’t make them yourself. so head on over to Snake Head Vintage and get yourself some supplies, because we’re making pendant lights today! for JUST UNDER $30! buying one of these already made will likely cost you between $50 and […]

kraft box advent ornaments

kraft box advent ornaments

i’ve been gone a long time. a long LONG time. ¬†sorry for that. but i’m making a killer comeback with a little project for you. an advent calendar…in the form of ornaments. kyle and i got our first christmas tree last weekend. it flew off the top of the car on hwy 51. whoops. then […]

DIY string pendant light

DIY string pendant light |

It’s about time we get some projects going up in here. Sometimes you just need a break from the kitchen. And reality. That’s where DIY projects come in. They take me to another place. AND this cost me under $15, light fixture and all! We desperately needed a light in our bedroom because since I […]

Peonies, anyone?


I go on pinterest binges. Anyone else? I get sucked into it and just PIN PIN PIN. Mostly food. Man OH man there is some delish looking food on there. (cue: you click on my pins on the right and follow my “i’m a foodie…” board. you won’t regret it) I only say they LOOK […]

how to start seeds in eggshell pots

egg shell pots

I’m super excited to share with you the news of our family’s newest addition. Sprouted seeds! What, you thought it would be a different kind of addition? Mwahaha. No way.   I spent part of my weekend starting my garden in my mom’s REALLY warm sunroom. I decided to take the leap this year and […]

A whole new drawer.

drawer lining

A little Mod Podge goes a long way. It’s amazing how lining our drawers and shelves with wrapping paper completely transformed them. The drawers were permanently dis.gus.ting with previous tenants’ who-knows-whats and I was not willing to live with that. What I’m telling you is this: If you want to smile when you open your […]

There’s always hope…

Cute House

I was so anxious to start this blog…until I started it. I suddenly had nothing to say; that’s not like me. At all. Well, we are finally settled in to our new home and I’m taking it as the perfect opportunity to debut my blog of all things DIY and kitchen. For those of you […]