kraft box advent ornaments

i’ve been gone a long time. a long LONG time.  sorry for that.

but i’m making a killer comeback with a little project for you. an advent calendar…in the form of ornaments.

kyle and i got our first christmas tree last weekend. it flew off the top of the car on hwy 51. whoops. then we found out it actually fit inside the car.


we got the tree home and discovered what an investment it is to actually decorate the tree. cue 2×2 inch kraft boxes (from onceuponyourwall on etsy, $6.50 for 25). grab a set of markers and some baker’s twine– you’re set. kyle and I filled each other’s boxes with sweet treats and small gifts and switch off days opening them. i’m odd, he’s even. how appropriate.

kraft box advent ornaments

i know it’s a little late for this year’s advent calendar, but i’m posting it anyway because this morning i opened my box with a smile and thought “we should do this all year long!” You could do it for the month of january because, let’s be honest, january otherwise kinda stinks. it’s cold. just stack the boxes on a table instead of hanging them. proceed to smile every morning when you open a box.

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